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Starting a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Private Practice

Start-Up or Established Private Practice: purchase my Private Practice Dietitian Mentor Program (PPD). After one-month completion, you will have a business that is on its way to running itself! Harness my experience and expertise with insurance credentials, billing, processing referrals, establishing pricing and programs, working with referral sources and patients, and hiring additional RDNs. One-on-one business planning and mentoring through video conferences, email, text and phone calls.

Includes ALL insurance enrollments: $1800 for one-month PPD. You will receive one-on-one support of your insurance, billing, and business questions to support your business.

Courses and Tools

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I think you’ll really like this great practice management product I am using called SimplePractice. Here is a link to get a free 30-day trial and a $50 subscription credit after you sign up for a paid account.

Simple Practice EMR set up and training. $900

Simple Practice EMR personal, one-on-one set up and training. One month, intensive set up and training for starting your practice with Simple Practice EMR. Together, we will set your paperwork, protocols, scheduling portal, insurance ERA enrollments and more!

Simple Practice EMR: Handle Your Referral with Ease Online Course and Kit! $400

Everything you need to see patients-from first contact to PAID! A step-by-step course to set up your EMR, online scheduler, intake documents, and more. Kit includes wording and documents.

By the end of this course and kit, you will have everything set up to accept referrals: EMR, online scheduler, all intake/privacy/policy documents, referral scripts, email templates, and more. Based on Simple Practice EMR, this course can be used for any new or existing Private Practice ready to streamline their processes!


Adding Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) to your Services

Physicians and healthcare professionals consider adding Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) to your services. Contact me to discuss having a Dietitian in your office, or referring to Registered Dietitian Nutritionists via office visits or virtual counseling.

Clinical Effectiveness of MNT

New evidence for MNT effectiveness: “evidence from this systematic review and meta-analysis demonstrates that multiple MNT sessions by an RDN are clinically effective and cost beneficial in patients with dyslipidemia and cardiometabolic risk factors.” Click here to read more.

Mother of Fact

Ingrid Knight, RD, LDN - Chief Revenue Officer, Advisory Board Member, Mother of Fact

For women’s health clinics Mother of Fact offers a digital health platform that connects patients with critical access to registered dietitians. Mother of Fact makes accessing critical nutrition care a simple and seamless process for you and your patients. Visit Mother of Fact’s website.

Professional Testimonials

I have more business (and less stress) than ever before!

"If you want to take your business to the next level, work with Ingrid Knight. Since working with Ingrid, I have more business (and less stress) than ever before! She will help you organize your business to focus on what is truly important and provide you with resources for sustainable successful. I can't say enough positive things about working Ingrid! It's a business expense you can't afford to pass on."

If you’re a newbie in private practice or you have a million things going on and you just want some clarity and help, Ingrid is your go to person.

"Working with Ingrid has been so helpful to my private practice! She has applied & appealed for me to get credentialed with insurances, she’s walked me through step by step on how to verify insurance benefits, she’s helped me create marketing flyer’s for doctors offices and now she’s helping me hire on other RDs to join my practice...Ingrid sends weekly emails updating me on how everything is going, what she’s done, what I need to do and what our steps going forward are. If you’re a newbie in private practice or you have a million things going on and you just want some clarity and help, Ingrid is your go to person."
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