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Patient's Testimonials

  • Submitted by : TR, Athens, Georgia

    "Thank you so very, very much for meeting with us. The information you provided is invaluable. I feel much more confident about moving forward...You are wonderful at what you do."

  • Submitted by : JL, Athens, Georgia

    "Thank you so much for helping helped me with portion sizes, what to eat that is healthier, what foods to combine... you really care about your clients and that really wants your clients to come back and visit without hesitation."

  • Submitted by : LI, Bogart, Georgia

    "Ingrid was able to help me focus on specific areas…providing me with guidance and adjusting my diet and exercise was the key to finally losing those first five pounds! She asked probing questions that guide you into developing a plan that fits your dietary needs based on the foods you like and suggesting alternatives to consider. I would highly recommend Ingrid to anyone wanting to lose weight and/or change his or her eating habits! I have more energy than I have had in a long time and look and feel better. Thanks!"

  • Submitted by : JB, Athens, Georgia

    "Just got back from doctor’s office and thought I’d share my success with the person who was the catalyst. It was almost exactly a year since we met. My A1C this visit was 5.3 down from 6.0 a year ago and 5.5 six months ago. My weight has come down from 250 to 212. My unspoken goal was 210 and I can’t believe I’m on the cusp of achieving it. So long I tried with no success to lose weight. The structure of a professionals thinking is critical to success.”

  • Submitted by : MF, Dawsonville, Georgia

    "I met with Karen for the first time yesterday. It was most helpful!!! I really enjoyed talking to her and getting her insight and advise on some important topics for our family."

  • Submitted by : CB, Athens, Georgia

    "I met with Susan yesterday for nutrition support after being diagnosed with Diabetes. I learned so much from her and got so excited about the changes we were affecting.”

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